The concept

Why in Ourzazate? Why is it necessary? What are the benefits on a larger scale?

Ouarzazate international film festival (OIFF) showcases short films from emerging filmmakers, at local and international level and is created to present the very different and exciting part of filmmaking. The festival was founded to give visibility to young and not so young talents, in a so-called city “The Hollywood of Africa”.

Furthermore, OIFF wants to rise as a platform that supports innovative audiovisual works, and above all, where values such as diversity, tolerance, integrity and sustainability are the creative engine that inspires and provokes us.

OIFF support innovative ideas and reflection from international filmmakers to challenge and discuss intercultural world. Through its programming, by meetings and exchanges that it allows, the OIFF is a festival “of freedom and openness.”

But our offer is not limited to just inspiring, we want to be an active role of change. OIFF creates a space in which the sustainable relationships between the local population and the big film companies grow. For this, our festival organizes seminars, workshops and programs between academic institutions in the transnational area.

Cinema has always been an agglutinating tool of individual and organisational actions, then, what better place for it than in Ouarzazate, a city that has played a fundamental role in the history of cinema.

Blockbuster movies like the Gladiator, Kingdom of Heaven, Hanna amongst others have been shot in the area. The setting is next to the Atlas Mountains on the doorstep to the Sahara Desert and therefore within the range of the distinctive culture and history of filmmaking location.

The Ouarzazate International Film Festival accepts only short films of all genres. Non-English language films have to be subtitled in English.

Ouarzazate needs such activities because the surrounding is well known by filmmakers. They can also attract more tourists. Not only tourists and movie makers but also local people will enjoy different kinds of short movies.

On behalf of the Committee:

The 1st edition of Ouarzazate International Film Festival presented to the national and international audience many emerging filmmakers, Moroccan and foreign, through an unique artistic programming by emphasizing the authenticity and richness of southern Morocco.

The goal is to create a dynamic cultural environment in the city of Ouarzazate and promote local cinematic potential internationally through the numbers of films and countries participating from around the world.

This also corresponds to the commitment of the association organizing the event, “The Moroccan Association for Cinema and Culture” MORACC who’s working to make the cinema culture accessible to everyone.