Winners 2017

In the beginning, the selection of 100 among the 3861 short films was a difficult task, but selecting which 17 films to compete in the four festival awards was likely more difficult. All the films were obviously distinctive; therefore, making the decision such a challengeable duty for this edition, according to an expert jury panel who was delegated the responsibility for selecting the four best films of the season.


The best Moroccan film prize was awarded to Ilham El Aalami, director of film’ Wafaa’, starring Mohamed Khouyi and Nadia Niazi. The film tells the story of a Moroccan woman who suffers daily in her life because her husband is diagnosed with Alzheimer while her children live abroad.


On her part, South Korean director and writer Arium Han, was awarded through her film “Christmas Present,” casting Christian Noçon and Elena Kazan. The film tells the story of a humble single-man living in alienation. On New Year’s Eve, he started drinking champagne until he passed out.  On the next day, he woke up to find his dream had come true.  He became married and father of a about five years old child. Later he started developing a mixed feelings. Feelings of happiness towards his dream that was achieved, and feelings of doubts about it.


The best documentary film award prize was honored to Turkish director Burak Dogan for his film “Whistle Comes Away”. The documentary featured a small village in southern Turkey that has learned the language of birds and later inherited it from generation to another to become eventually a means of communication.


The best animated film was awarded to Iranian director Aptin Muzafari for his film Genesis. The film depicts the tragic aftermath in Syria after the war. In this movie, the director relied on the blue screen to mix reality and fiction.