The Moroccan Association for Cinema & Culture

In 2006, a group of young cinema enthusiasts from Ouarzazate, Morocco, got together to promote cultural inclusion through film to under-served youths from the south-east of Morocco. In 2014, the group founded the Moroccan Cinema and Culture Association, MORACC, a non governmental organization showcasing the hidden talent and overwhelming passion and creativity that flows from the local communities.

Our main goal is to open doors for young people, especially disadvantaged ones, to learn film production techniques and bring cinema into schools especially on remote areas.

Since our first project is located in an area with a majority of the population being Berber, and since the indigenous Berber culture got endangered by the lack of written and recorded material… We saw the urge of promoting it and preserving its intangible, vibrant, cultural heritage.

Through MORACC’s “The Kasbah for Film” project and its partnership with local and international organizations, we are providing a platform of tools for some of the most aspiring young creatives from the local communities to make and direct short films that speak of the local culture among other subjects.

Ouarzazate, Morocco, is the new home of international film productions. However the city doesn’t have a movie theater since the last one closed back in the nineties. Two generations nowadays have never put foot on a theater and the nearest one is withing 200 km; what is a shocking fact is that for the whole southern region (Souss – Massa – Drâa) composed of around 3 Million inhabitants, we have no single movie theater!

We aim to raise funds to build our first movie theater in the region which will serve later as a spotlight for the cultural activities in the south. The theater will host our upcoming annual event; Ouarzazate International Film Festival, with workshop activities and showing Moroccan and international films produced by cultural associations, NGOs, artist collectives, social projects and independent producers.