Jury Members OIFF 2016

Andre Herrmann, Berlin based filmmaker qualified from Bauhaus Universität Weimar in Media and Film. With 9 years working in the film-industry he has experience with scriptwriting, editing, as director of photography and as director. He has a number of short films in different genres on his CV. Currently he is developing a web-series in Berlin and shooting is scheduled till summer this year (2016).
2 years ago Andre founded Flimmerzimmer film screening events. As curator here he built a strong network, and since he founded a film and media organisation called Creative Office.



Beate E. Renner, a short film maker, visual and video artist; she has studied Visual Arts, Film, Theater Aestetics and Literature. Her filmwork, exhibitions and intellectual reflexions brought her to numerous countries (Marocco, China, Indonesia, Malaisia, Brunei, the Maldives, Oman, Russia etc) – an experience opening up to a crosscultural, multidisciplinary dimension which is, in her eyes, essential for the spiritual growth of all of us.

She is currently preparing a documentary setting at Ouarzazate.



Marta Ordeig, Spanish producer, director and scriptwriter who consistently work on projects across borders. As a pioneer she explore new ways of collaborating and networking in the area of emerging filmmakers.

She is founder of Landscape Film Festival (Berlin 2014, Barcelona 2015 &Copenhagen 2017). Also founded FilmPitch, a live crowdfunding event for short films.  Apart from her own production company she works freelance as Creative Director, Producer and Scriptwriter on movies and commercials.





Mustafa Afakir, a Moroccan film critic, graduated in literature from the university of Moulay Ismail he is now member of the Ouarzazate Film Comission: a public nonprofit institution established by the Regional Council and the Moroccan Center for Cinematography.

He was director of the Amazigh (Berber) Film festival and he is now a teacher at the ISMC (Institut Spécialisé dans les Métiers du Cinéma)